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Hold onto Him

Become one with the artist by placing your fingers within his grip-shaped perfume bottle, which holds his sweat-infused scent.


Michael Müller’s porous ceramic perfume bottle is imprinted with his hand marks, unlike the cool glass surface of a regular perfume bottle. His delicate flesh folds and skin creases complement the curved lines of his fingerprints. Let your own fingers find their place within the sunken impression; as you hold the same object that he has, it feels natural to measure your thumb or pinkie against his. The kiln has turned this bottle the colour of pale flesh tinged with pink and yellow, a haphazardly applied slip adding a gentle satin sheen. As you spray your skin, the overwhelming top notes conjure lemon and lime; you might imagine running through a Mediterranean citrus orchard with the artist, perhaps the grass has just been freshly cut, and then as the warmer middle notes of sage give way to the depths of aromatic sandalwood, you find yourselves transported to the forests of India, Nepal or Sri Lanka. Why is Michael Müller conjured as you inhale? Because each subtle note is underpinned by a droplet of the artist’s own sweat; gathered while he labours in the studio and fused with aromatic ingredients, it catapults you as close as possible to the artist.

L'impression de l'artiste.jpg


So Fresh and So Clean

Let the artist scrub you spotless with a soap that bears the imprint of his hands and scent.


It happens so easily: scrubbing yourself with soap in the shower, your fingers can sink into its surface, leaving imprints before being washed away. Michael Müller’s L’IMPRESSION DE L’ARTISTE holds this form afresh, casting the negative space left by his fingers and thumb in the soap’s malleable surface. As the colour of apricot, the soap recalls pale skin tones, the tiniest grains of glitter shining as you turn the object in your own hands. Its exterior has been pressed and prodded, fingerprints creating deep indents while the space of the palm remains smooth and even. Hold it to your nose and inhale; sweet, lemony notes drift into your body, with the warmth of coco butter beneath. The aura of the artist is directly discernable in the scent of acetone that hangs in the air, reproducing the turpentine fumes from his studio, as he too cleans up after a hard day’s work.



Nailing It

With this black aesthetic under-nail polish, your artistic integrity will speak for itself and everyone will have to hand it to you.


You’re an office worker, but you wished you were someone else. You dream of having creative flare, of leaving your artist studio with the tell-tail signs of paint and charcoal embedded beneath your nails. You wonder if people would treat you differently, if you’d be more attractive, more alluring, more interesting. You ponder whether this is what you’d need to be happy, to shake the humdrum, day-to-day, monotones grind that sees you doing the same thing over and over again: eat, work, watch television, sleep; eat, work, watch television, sleep. But you’ve tried to be creative, and it just doesn’t stick. Fear not: this aesthetic under-nail polish will fool even the most discerning of artist groupies. A dark grey paste, complete with gritty granules of black sand, it easily squeezes out of the tube, simultaneously emitting fresh, oily, lemony aromas. Rub this product into your hands, making sure not to miss your fingertips, and enjoy the shift in perception that is bound to come your way. When people ask: “What do you do?” you can hold your hands up and reply with confidence: “I’m an artist, of course.”

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The Cream of Dreams

This aspirational cream for creatives will leave your skin smooth and spotless, so that you can shake the hand of even the most well heeled with confidence.


An industrial hand cream is formulated to soothe the roughest of hands, from workmen to artists and beyond. Off-white in colour, with a gentle pearlescent sheen, it spills onto the surface of your skin wiling itself to be absorbed almost instantaneously. Its oily texture moistures coarseness, and with the zingy scent of lemon exuding and clinging to the wearer, it refuses to fade into the background. Resting within a thick tube just waiting to be squeezed, it recalls the tubes of oil paint that are used by artists on a daily basis; as you hold this cream, you’re one step nearer to the way of life of which you’ve always dreamed.